La campagne dans la ville

Jardin Marseille is a city of contrasts where the media say everything and its opposite.
It remains unknown and we must venture into Le Panier, the neighborhood became famous, and visit Le Corbusier building (home of fada)...
Nearby, accessible both by car and public transport, Cassis and its creeks, Aix-en-Provence, Arles...


La campagne dans la ville
is located on the border of the 4th and the 13th district next to the theater Le Dôme (5 minutes walk). It is 3 metro stops from La Canebière and fifteen minutes from the old port (GAY FRIENDLY).

La Campagne dans la Ville owes its name to the immediate vicinity of the city center by a convenient subway, but also the peace and greenery of Lacordaire neighborhood where it is located.

Maison d'hôtes labellisée